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Component Testing

Component Testing

Perform simple functional tests on electronic components such as capacitors, inductors, resistors, transistors, and diodes for troubleshooting and quality assurance during product assembly.

Capacitance Meters

Make sure your capacitors are storing sufficient energy by using these capacitance meters. Often used in quality control, these meters allow you to determine if your capacitor is maintaining the correct charge to help prevent capacitor issues that can result in damaging electrical equipment. These meters can also be used to sort components and in electronics assembly. Before connecting leads to a capacitor's terminals, the power must be disconnected and the capacitor drained.

LCR Meters

Take three important electrical component and circuit measurements, inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R), with one device using these LCR meters. By applying AC voltage to the component being tested, the meter can use the voltage and current to calculate the three measurements (L, C, and R). They are commonly used to determine ratings for common electric appliances, such as refrigerators and televisions, as well as for quality control, electronic assembly, component troubleshooting and calibration, and circuit testing.

Component Testers

This collection of meters allows you to inspect or troubleshoot components such as capacitors, inductors, resistors, transistors, or diodes in your electronic systems. Log the data from these meters for preventative maintenance or use them in quality control applications.