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Keep track of your production activities and output, high-speed transactions, or items in vending applications with these counting devices.


These analog devices pull from the electrical energy of the equipment on which they are mounted to move the counter, such as on an assembly line, production machinery, or coin-operated devices like vending machines.

Mechanical & Hand Tally

Use these handheld analog tally devices to manually count items, people at events, vehicles in traffic surveys, and for other counting applications where no power source is available.


Count high-speed production items with these digital devices that have an LCD or LED screen, count up or down, and need an electrical current to operate.

Counter Gaskets

Mount these gaskets between your counter and a bench or electronic panel to provide a barrier against corrosion and moisture.

Counter Pen Ink

Replace your counter pen's ink cartridge to continue keeping a tally with your pen's marks. Counter pens show the number of tally marks on their compact LCD screen.