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Earth Ground Testing

Earth Ground Testing

Help protect people and equipment in your facility from the damage caused by lightning and current faults by measuring the resistance of your earth ground connection on a regular basis.

Clamp Meters

Measure the earth resistance of multipoint grounding rods without disconnecting parallel ground wires or using auxiliary grounding rods. These meters, also known as digital earth clamps, can also be used in areas that don't have access to soil. They will not work if there is only one path to ground, which is found in many residential situations.

Tester Kits

These convenient tester kits contain what you need to measure earth ground resistances, including test meters, clamps, stakes, protective cases, and other accessories. Because these items are bundled together as a kit, there is no need to worry about compatibility, which can help reduce set up time in the field.


Insert these metal stakes into the ground to provide return current paths for your earth ground tester.