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Edge & Center Finders

Edge & Center Finders

Locate an edge or center hole of a workpiece with these tools. Mounted in a mill or drill press, a spinning spring-loaded cylinder traces along the surface until it finds the edge or hole. These tools are commonly used in machining applications, including milling and drilling processes.

Edge & Center Finders

These spring-loaded cylinders with pointed tips fit into a mill or drill press and trace the tip along a surface when rotated. Edge finders determine the edge of a workpiece, while center finders identify the center of a hole or part.

Center Finder

Edge Finder


Find the center of a hole, the edge of a workpiece, or scribed lines on a workpiece using these wigglers. They include several probes, each performing a different job. Probes fit into the wiggler body which is then placed into a drill chuck, end mill, or drill press and rotated.

Wiggler Set

Wiggler/Center Finder Set