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Electrical Properties Data Logging

Electrical Properties Data Logging

Optimize energy usage and troubleshoot power problems such as voltage spikes using electrical properties data loggers.

For Voltage

Troubleshoot power issues by monitoring voltage surges and drops over several days or weeks, then transfer recorded data to a computer for analysis.

For Current

Record variations in current over long time periods to help diagnose power supply issues, then transfer the data to a computer for analysis.

For Voltage & Current

Get more complete diagnostic information by monitoring and logging both voltage and current.

For Motors

Track when pumps, compressors, and other motors in your industrial processes start up and stop and record their runtimes to diagnose issues or predict maintenance.

For Electricity Usage & Monitoring

Help reduce energy costs by monitoring the power usage of your appliances and tools to determine which should be kept plugged in, and which could be replaced with higher efficiency units.

Paperless Recorders

Speed decision making and improve the efficiency of your manufacturing operations by digitally monitoring and recording data at key process points. These recorders can sample voltage, current, and work with thermocouples to record data over extended periods for transfer to your computer.