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Electromagnetic Field Testing

Electromagnetic Field Testing

Keep your workplace safer by measuring electromagnetic radiation from industrial equipment, power lines, cellular base stations, appliances, and microwave ovens.

ELF-EMF Meters

Accurately measure field radiation levels from fans, wiring, and electrical equipment to make sure there is no leakage. Use these meters to test applications that produce EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequency) radiation, such as electric transmission equipment, elevators, industrial and research labs, particle accelerators, MRI machines, and transit systems. Radiation leakage can impede equipment from functioning or have adverse health effects on people.

RF-EMF Meters

Quantify the strength of RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields) wave fields to gauge when radiation leakage might affect health or interfere with equipment. Common applications for RF-EMF meters include wireless network RF detection, general radiation safety level tests, and power density measurement for mobile phone base station antennas.

Magnetic Field Detectors

Test for a magnetic field around solenoid valves, relays, audio speakers, and other devices by getting an alert from one of these handheld magnetic field detectors.

Microwave Leakage Meters

Also known as microwave leakage detectors, these meters measure emissions to help ensure that your microwave oven doesn't exceed the FDA standard for maximum energy radiation.