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Environmental Data Logging Accessories

Environmental Data Logging Accessories

Find accessories to expand the functionality of your data logging instruments or protect instruments from damage.

Protective Sleeves

Use these protective sleeves to prevent damage to a data logger's LCD screen and to make note of information such as settings and dates.

Chart Recorder Probes

Replace a temperature and humidity chart recorder probe or the probe's dust filter to maintain the device and improve results.

Pressure Fittings

Find a variety of pressure fittings for your data logger to adapt and connect to equipment such as fire hydrants, hose, and tubing.

Light Pipes

When logging lighting behavior in your facility, such as on/off and duration, use a light pipe to ensure ambient light does not impact your results. Light pipes attach directly to the data logger sensor and can be directed to the light source you want to monitor.

Readers & Viewers

View your data logger's results in the field with a portable data viewer, or download your data to a computer using a memory card reader or wireless docking station.

Recorder Software

Load this software on your computer to set up your data logger and to retrieve and process data.

Power Adapters

Provide an optional compatible power supply for your environmental data loggers with these power adapters.


Transfer information from your compatible environmental data loggers to a computer or other device using these cables or cradles. You can also replace damaged cables or keep extra compatible cables on hand.