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Humidity Testers

Humidity Testers

Test for humidity in laboratories or industrial environments to protect equipment or test outdoor humidity levels to predict weather conditions.

Hygrometers & Psychrometers

Test the relative humidity in an environment with hygrometers or psychrometers in order to help evaluate the performance of HVAC systems in enclosed areas such as buildings and aircraft, or to predict changes in outdoor temperatures.

Hygrometers measure variations in temperature, pressure, or thermal conductivity to determine relative humidity and are quicker electronic devices to use when exact accuracy is not necessary. Psychrometers are a specialized type of hygrometer that calculate relative humidity by comparing temperature readings of wet and dry bulb thermometers and are more complicated to use than hygrometers, but are more accurate.

For Indoor

For Indoor/Outdoor

Dew Point Meters

Use these dew point meters to determine the relative air humidity in an environment, which can help predict nighttime temperatures in agricultural applications or avoid possible metal corrosion in industrial systems. They measure dew point, which is the temperature at which water vapor in the air starts to condense into liquid.

Temperature & Humidity Transducers

Check temperature and humidity levels wherever specific climatic conditions must be maintained, such as in laboratories and production facilities, with this equipment. Transducers generate an analog signal based on ambient temperature or relative humidity readings, which can then be transferred to a controlling device to turn HVAC equipment on or off.

For Industrial Electric Standard Measurement

For Process Application

For HVAC System Monitoring