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Indoor & Outdoor Laser Levels

Indoor & Outdoor Laser Levels

Both interior and exterior construction tasks are made easier with these indoor and outdoor laser levels. For outdoor use, a laser detector is normally required for locating the beam, and a tripod is recommended for secure positioning of the level.

Self-Leveling Line Lasers

With a built-in leveling mechanism that automatically finds an accurate level when set on most surfaces, these self-leveling line lasers help save time during set up and make leveling easier than with manual lasers.

Manual-Leveling Line Lasers

A great choice for small-scale jobs and infrequent use, level these line lasers with hand adjustments, using the bubble vial for visual reference.

Self-Leveling Rotary Lasers

Save on setup time using these rotary lasers. As soon as you set it down, a built-in leveling mechanism senses if the unit is not level and automatically adjusts for an accurate level. They project a 360° laser level beam to help you level objects in a large work area, such as when laying foundations or installing fences.