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Infrared Cameras, Lenses, & Windows

Infrared Cameras, Lenses, & Windows

Diagnose invisible defects in instrument panels and equipment with these infrared cameras and windows. Cameras translate thermal energy into a color image to find hot or cold spots while windows allow cameras and other infrared imagers to view inside enclosures quickly and safely.

Infrared Cameras

Also known as thermal imaging cameras, infrared cameras produce images that show temperature differences between objects and surfaces by displaying warmer areas in brighter colors and cooler areas in darker colors. They are commonly used in electrical, construction, and HVAC applications to detect leaks and other defects in equipment or buildings without requiring direct contact with surfaces or equipment.

Infrared Lenses

Optimize the performance of your thermal-imaging camera with these infrared lenses, which are made from base materials and coatings that reduce light reflection for a clearer thermal image.

Infrared Windows

Infrared windows are installed on electrical panels and enclosures to provide a way for infrared cameras and imagers to see the equipment inside while still maintaining a barrier to the enclosure. With a metal or plastic frame around a crystal or polymer optic lens, these windows eliminate the need to open the enclosures, providing a safer and more efficient way to collect data. They are ideal for monitoring, maintaining, and examining most electrical systems.

Accessories for Infrared Cameras & Lenses

Enhance the performance of your infrared cameras, protect them during storage and transportation, and keep them in good working order with a range of accessories, including battery chargers, carrying cases and pouches, tripods and mounts.