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Leak Detection Kits

Leak Detection Kits

Also known as UV halogen leak detection kits, these kits use fluorescent dyes and UV light to detect leaks in commercial and residential HVAC systems. Choose from a variety of kits, as well as accessories such as leak detection lights and oil and dye injectors.

Leak Detector Kits

Get the tools you need to detect refrigerant leaks in your facility's air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with these leak detection kits.

Leak Detection Lights

Quickly spot even the smallest leaks in your air-conditioning and refrigeration systems with these leak detection lights, which use ultraviolet light to illuminate fluorescent oils or dyes that have been injected into cooling system fluid.

Fluorescent Leak Detection Lamp

LED UV Leak Detection Light

UV Dye Detector Lamp

UV Inspection Flashlight Kit

UV Micro-Discharge Light Inspection Lamp

Oil & Dye Injectors

Use these injectors to infuse fluorescent oil or dye into the cooling fluid in your facility's refrigeration or air conditioning systems to detect leaks. Leaks can be easily detected by using UV inspection lights to illuminate the dye or oil.