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Level Accessories

Level Accessories

Use these accessories with your laser levels to enhance functionality for both outdoor and indoor use.

Laser Detectors

Precisely locate the beam of a laser level in bright outdoor lighting conditions or when measuring at a distance with these laser detectors (also known as laser receivers).

Digital Level Accessories

Precisely and accurately set and operate digital levels with these accessories. Make sure they are operated safely and kept stable while in use.

Leveling Tripods

Mount measuring and leveling instruments on these secure and adjustable tripods. Keep measurements precise and accurate during multiple readings by minimizing unwanted movement.


Leveling Rods

For use with an auto level or transit level, these rods are used to measure elevation in surveying, leveling and grading applications. The rods are graduated for accurate measurements, and they adjust to various heights.

Standard Level Accessories

Protect delicate equipment or increase product performance with these accessories.