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Material Hardness Testers

Material Hardness Testers

Maintain quality by measuring the indentation hardness of metals, alloys, elastomers, plastics, and other raw materials used in your manufacturing processes with these hardness testers.

Analog Rockwell Hardness Testers

Get accurate Rockwell hardness values on metals and alloys using these benchtop analog Rockwell Hardness testers. They conform to the ASTM E18 standard.

Analog Shore Durometers

Measure Shore hardness values of a wide range of plastics and elastomers with these handheld analog Shore durometers. Since they are mechanical, they don't require replacement of batteries.

Digital Shore Durometers

Determine the hardness of elastomers and plastics by measuring the resistance to indentation using these portable durometers. They have large electronic displays that are easy to read.

Stainless Steel Grade Testers

Identify the grade of stainless steel you are working with using these testers. These devices perform both a basic physical (magnetic) and chemical test to distinguish stainless steel grades.

Shore Durometer Test Blocks

Help determine if your Shore A or Shore D durometer needs recalibration with these test block kits. If your durometer does not correctly indicate the comparative hardness values of the blocks, it should be calibrated in accordance with the test method described in ASTM D2240.