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Also known as VOMs (Volt-Ohm-Milliammeters), multimeters are versatile test instruments that measure voltage, current, resistance, and sometimes additional properties such as frequency and temperature. They are used in all areas of electrical and electronics testing, from measuring the key parameters of a prototype circuit on a lab bench and diagnosing bad components in an electronic motor drive, to troubleshooting problems in a building's AC power system.

Digital Multimeters

Also called DMMs or DVOMs, these handheld digital multimeters have a numerical display for fast, precise readings, and offer a wide range of test capabilities and special features.

Analog Multimeters

The needle indicator of analog multimeters measures fluctuating values, such as an unstable voltage across a faulty component, more easily than a digital multimeter.

Bench-Testing Multimeters

For the highest accuracy and reliability when measuring critical circuit properties on the lab bench or production test line, use one of these benchtop multimeters.

Insulation-Testing Multimeters

Use these insulation-testing multimeters, also called megohmmeters, meggers, or insulation resistance testers, to help ensure that the insulators in your current electrical systems are performing properly. These devices use voltage to measure outgoing currents from equipment, which can help determine if the insulation is leaking or damaged. Because electrical systems degrade over time due to humidity, temperature, and dust, monitoring insulators in wiring, motors, generators, and other electrical equipment can help prevent shock-related injuries. Insulation testing can also help reduce the chance of fires or damage to expensive equipment in your system.

Automotive Multimeter Kits

Designed specifically for use in the automotive industry, these multimeter kits diagnose electrical issues with batteries, motors, fuses, switches, sensors, and relays in your motorized vehicles and boats. They contain components needed to measure values such as voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, RPM, and duty cycle.

Process Calibrator Multimeters

Calibrate different types of equipment in your production facility with these multimeters, which combine the functionality of a DMM (digital multimeter) and a loop calibrator. Ideal for technicians who conduct a variety of calibration tests, these tools maintain and troubleshoot electrical equipment, process control equipment, and instrumentation and controls. They can measure voltage, current, resistance, frequency, and temperature to help you set up and keep your equipment running correctly.

Multimeter Accessories

Enhance the use of your multimeter with these accessories.