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Panel Meter Accessories

Panel Meter Accessories

Find items to aid in the use of your panel meter, improve its functionality, or ease installation.


Protect your panel meter from moisture and dust with these enclosures that are freestanding or mount to a surface.

Power Supplies

Power your panel meter from the main supply using these modules that convert the current to a compatible form for the meter.


These displays accept a variety of input modules, such as temperature, current, time, and process, and can display retransmitted analog signals. Displays have extra large numbers to easily read them at a distance.


Use a shunt with a panel meter in a circuit to create a low-resistance path for current to flow through, allowing you to measure high electric current safely.

External Portable DC Shunt

Switchboard DC Shunt

Input Modules

Also referred to as personality modules, these units measure a variety of electrical variables such as rate, temperature, and current. Modules connect to a compatible panel meter display.

Option Cards

Add more configuration options to your panel meter such as serial communications, relays, or analog output by installing compatible option cards.

CUB5 Single Relay Option Card

PAX Setpoint Output Option Card

Plug-in Option Card

Relay Module

Programmers & Programming Cables

Configure your panel meter with a compatible programmer device, or find cables to connect a programming device to the meter.

Label Kits

Show the units of measurement you are using on your panel meter with these label kits. Install the labels on the plastic frame of the meter where it will be visible with the meter's backlighting.