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Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators

Check the accuracy of your analog pressure gauge or transmitter instruments with pressure calibrator devices that test and verify pressure readings.

Handheld Pressure Calibrators

Perform on-site calibration testing of your industrial pressure gauge devices with these convenient handheld calibrators. They feature either an internal pump or an external pump connection port to generate testing pressure.

Intrinsically Safe, Internal Hand Pump Pressure Source

Intrinsically Safe, External Pressure Source

Not Intrinsically Safe, Internal Electric Pump Pressure Source

Not Intrinsically Safe, External Pressure Source


Get help calibrating your pressure gauge or transmitter with these external modules that measures the pressure coming from a connected pressure generator, such as a hand pump, and sends that reading to the calibrator.

Absolute Pressure

Differential Pressure

Gage pressure

High Pressure

Reference Pressure

Test Pumps

Connect these hand-powered test pumps to a pressure module, gauge, or calibrator instrument to generate pressure for testing or calibrating devices.


Attach these hoses to a calibration test pump to generate pressure in order to calibrate a pressure gauge or transmitter.


Catch moisture and dirt particles before they get into your pressure calibrator instruments. They connect directly to the hose leading to a gauge, transmitter, or external test pump.