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Pressure & Vacuum Gauge Accessories

Pressure & Vacuum Gauge Accessories

Maintain your pressure and vacuum gauge devices with a variety of accessories that add functionality, help repair the device, and protect it from damage.

Pitot Tubes

Attach pitot tubes to a compatible flow rate meter and place it directly in the flow of air, water, or gas to determine flow rates for applications such as plumbing and ventilation systems.

Protective Boots

Avoid minor scratches, dents, and damage to pressure gauges in rough industrial environments by fitting these protective rubber boots around the gauge.

Repair Tools

Adjust or repair pressure and vacuum gauges for accurate readings with these specialized tools.


Connect pressure gauges, transmitters, or transducers to a computer or other monitoring device with these cables.


Screw this connector into a port in your plumbing, heating, or pumping system to easily connect a pressure gauge.

Mounting Hardware

Mount pressure gauges onto a panel to secure them and reduce vibration, or mount them directly to a pipe or other system for on-site pressure readings.

Replacement Oils & Liquids

Replenish the fluid in your liquid-filled pressure gauge to reduce pointer vibration and prevent condensation.

Data Analyzing Software

Upload and graph data collected from your pressure gauge device to your computer with software and a connecting cable.

Pressure Siphons

Prevent damage to your pressure gauge when working in high temperature applications by using siphon tubes to help prevent the gauge from contacting the hot processing fluid or steam. Also referred to as pigtails, these tubes are especially useful with non-liquid-filled gauges or dry gauges.

Pressure Snubbers

Extend the working life of your pressure gauges, transducers, and transmitters from pressure surges and rapid fluctuations by suppressing the speed in which process media can move. Use on high pressure systems such as pumps and compressors.

Pressure Switches

Control what happens when your pressure gauge reaches certain levels, such as activating a pump or turning on a warning light, with the use of pressure switches.

Pressure Test Plugs

Test temperature and pressure without opening and depressurizing a system by permanently installing these plugs at test points along a pipe, providing a port to which a gauge can attach and take a quick measurement.

Pressure Valves

Control air, water, or gas flow to pressure gauges in a pressurized system with these sturdy valves.