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Analyze fluid samples to determine the concentration of solutions by measuring the changing direction of light in laboratory, automotive, and industrial applications.

For Coolant & Battery Fluid

Check the freezing point of coolants or the solution concentration of battery fluid to determine the condition of a battery with these refractometers.

Brix Scale for Sugar

Measure the concentration of sugar in wine, fruit juice, soft drinks, and other beverages for quality control purposes during beverage production processes.

For Saline

Test for levels of salt in liquids for a variety of applications such as in food and beverage processing, oceanography research, and soil testing for agricultural purposes.

For Urea

Evaluate urine concentration in laboratory testing samples, or use in automotive applications to help ensure the proper concentration of urea is maintained in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to help reduce emissions.

Carrying Cases

Keep your refractometers close at hand and help to prevent dings or scratches on your device with these carrying cases.