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Resistance Testing

Resistance Testing

Maintain the safety and reliability of high voltage installations, motors, switches, circuit breakers, and switchgear by using testers that measure extremely high and very low resistance.


Less sensitive than micro-ohmmeters, milliohmmeters are suitable for general testing of circuits and components where high resolution is not needed.


Commonly used in industries such as chemical plants, refineries, and manufacturing, use these testers to accurately measure extremely low resistance values in ground bonding, terminal-to-wire and bus bar connections, cable resistance, and welds.

Insulation Resistance Testers

Also known as megohmmeters, these testers are commonly used to check insulation and insulating components in power generation and distribution equipment, such as wire and cable jackets.

Insulation Testing Multimeters

Test insulation and troubleshoot electrical issues with switchgear, motors, and transformers with these instruments that combine the functionality of insulation testers and multimeters.

Test Lead Sets

Use test lead sets to connect testing equipment to electrical system components to determine whether they're working properly.