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Scribers & Probes

Scribers & Probes

Mark a workpiece's surface to prepare it for machining using scribers and probes. These tools shallowly scratch the marks into the surface, ensuring the notes won't easily rub off like a pencil mark would.

Scribers & Probes

Create a shallow scratch, usually to prepare for machining, on a workpiece's surface with these tools. Marks won't remove easily, ensuring they stay until they're machined off.

Adjustable Sleeve Scriber

Machinist Scriber

Pocket Scriber

Precision Probe

Probe Pick

Retractable Ball Point Scriber

Reversible Shirt Pocket Scriber


Scriber With Magnet

Scribers & Probes Sets

Keep a set of scribes and probes of varying head designs on hand to handle a variety of marking jobs.

12 Pc Probe and Position Set

4 Pc Dominator HD Hook and Pick Set

4 Pc Select Mini Hook and Pick Set

4-Pc Probe Set

6 Pc Dominator Professional Hook and Pick Set

Double End Probe Set

Machinist Scriber Set

Micro Probe Set

Precision Probe Set

Scriber and Pick Set