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Signal Generators

Signal Generators

Generate precise, controllable signals with a variety of waveforms to test your electronic circuits, devices, and systems in R & D, manufacturing, or maintenance applications.

Function Generators

Stimulate your device under test with basic signal waveforms, including sine, square, and triangle waves over a wide range of frequencies.

Function Generator

Sweep Function Generator

Signal Generators

Provide standard repetitive signals such as sine, square, and triangle waves to evaluate the behavior of electronic devices and systems, or synthesize complex, custom waveforms for such applications as testing radio-frequency components with these signal generators.

Pulse Generators

Measure the rotary speed of a motor shaft for monitoring or electronic control. These sensors generate pulses when coupled to a rotating shaft. They are used in conjunction with a tachometer, digital counter, or closed-loop control circuit, and are encapsulated to resist dirt and dust.