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SPC Accessories

SPC Accessories

Use these SPC (statistical process control) accessories with digital measurement instruments, such as indicators, micrometers, and calipers, to collect measurement data and transfer it to a computer for analysis and logging.

Input Tools

Attach these SPC input tools to your digital measurement instruments to transfer SPC output data to your computer. Use an SPC data output cable to connect the tool to the gauge.


Perform SPC data analysis and print results at any quality inspection station without a computer using these compact SPC processors. Connect to your digital gauge with a compatible SPC data cable.

Data Cables

Connect your digital measurement instrument with SPC output to an SPC input tool to transfer data to a computer.

Mitutoyo SPC Data Cable

Mitutoyo U-Wave Data Cable

Starrett SPC Data Cable

Starrett Cable Interface

Wireless Receivers

Eliminate cables when transferring SPC data using these wireless SPC receivers. These receivers require use of an SPC transmitter, and connect to your computer via the included USB cable. You can use multiple transmitters with a single receiver.

Wireless Transmitters

Hook up these transmitters to your measuring instruments to send measurement data to your computer without using cables for SPC analysis. These transmitters require use of an SPC receiver. You can use multiple transmitters with a single receiver.