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Specialty Levels

Specialty Levels

Quickly check that a variety of surfaces are horizontal or vertical (plumb) using these specialty levels. Also known as spirit levels, these levels have vials filled with liquid containing a single bubble for fast visual reference. Often used by carpenters, masons, and machinists, these levels can be used to install shelves, decks, walls, and fences, measure grades, and align machine tools and workpieces.

Bull's-Eye Levels

Mount these small, circular levels on a horizontal surface to ensure it is level in all directions. When the bubble in the vial is exactly centered, the surface is accurately leveled.

Level Vials

Attach these cylindrical vials to a surface to indicate when it is level along a line. The bubble in the vial will rest exactly between the two marked lines when the vial's long axis is horizontal.

Line Levels

Commonly used to level long-distance lines such as when paving, these manual-style line levels have a sturdy frame with hooks on each end that allow you to attach them to a string that is tightly pulled between two points. The level vial has a bubble that will rest exactly between the marked lines when the line is level. They also have a flat bottom for surface leveling.

Machinists' Levels

Ensure that lathes and other machine tools are accurately leveled to help prevent machining errors. These highly accurate machinist's levels have precision-ground surfaces and graduated vials.

Pocket Levels

Also known as hand levels, these small pocket levels are ideal for fast, approximate level estimations.

Post Levels

Instantly check both the level and plumb of a pole, post, or frame during installation by attaching one of these post levels.