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Use a stroboscope, also called a strobe, to evaluate a rotating or vibrating device's performance while the device is in motion. They produce flashing lights to make HVAC fans and other belt-driven machines, roller bearings, chains, and other fast moving devices appear to be stationary or moving slower.

General Purpose

Measure the speed of moving parts such as centrifuges, fans, gears, and propellers with these stroboscopes. The standard strobe lamp requires periodic replacement, making them especially suitable for infrequent use.

Long Life LED

Use these energy efficient LED stroboscopes for a longer battery life and cooler operation than standard stroboscopes. These rugged stroboscopes don't have bulbs that require replacing.

Pocket LED

Take these compact stroboscopes with you on the job to inspect pumps, fans, gears, and other motors that have moving parts in your facility.

Stroboscope Bulbs

Replace the xenon bulbs that produce the flashing light in your stroboscope.

Carrying Cases

Carry your stroboscopes from job to job and help protect them from damage with these lightweight pouches and hard cases.