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Tape Measures

Tape Measures

Essential tools for contractors, architects, and engineers, use these tape measures for many different indoor and outdoor measurement tasks.

General Purpose

Keep one of these tape measures on hand for general purpose and everyday tasks. Get fast and accurate measurements for routine tasks.


Also known as long tape, these extra-long tape measures take long-distance measurements, such as when land surveying, laying out sports fields or in other grounds maintenance applications, or when taking measurements at a construction site.

Magnetic Tip

Keep the end of your tape from rolling off of EMT conduit, steel studs, and other magnetic surfaces by using these magnetic tip tape measures.

Engineer's Tape

These tape measures are ideal for engineering and construction jobs, as they have gradations to the hundredths of an inch for more precise measurements than standard tape measures.

Extra-Long Engineer's Tape

Measure longer distances on construction sites with these engineer's long tape measures, which have gradations to the hundredths of an inch for precision.

Surveyor's Tape

Take rough measurements in wet, muddy field conditions with surveyor's tape measures and ropes.

Adhesive Back

Affix these adhesive-backed tapes on workbenches, door frames, or anywhere you need to frequently measure lengths.

Oil-Gauging Tape Measures

Always know the exact level of light oil or gasoline in your storage tank. These oil-gauging tape measures are resistant to wear and corrosion, and they have a grounding strap to help prevent buildup of static electricity. Use with a plumb bob for deep tank measurements.

Diameter Measuring

With a scale that is adjusted by pi, wrap these flexible tape measures around pipes and other cylindrical objects and use the scale to determine the diameter of the object. They also have a traditional ruler to measure circumference.


Measure and mark straight lines around pipes with these flexible measuring tapes. They are made of gasket material that withstands high and low temperatures.