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Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers

Measure and store non-electrical properties associated with temperature, humidity, dew point, and pressure with these portable, battery-operated data loggers.

For Temperature

Track and record temperature changes over time for temperature-sensitive applications, such as transport containers or storage facilities containing food, pharmaceuticals, or some chemicals.

For Temperature & Humidity

Commonly used in areas where humidity and temperature regulation can be an issue, such as basements, laboratories, and greenhouses, record and store temperature and humidity level readings to monitor facility climate.

For Temperature, Humidity, & Dew Point

Ideal for use in agricultural applications, such as predicting nighttime temperatures for crop management, or helping to avoid possible corrosion in industrial equipment, these data loggers measure dew point calculations to help determine the amount of water vapor in the air, as well as save temperature and humidity measurements.

For Temperature, Humidity, & Air Pressure

Log and store air pressure, temperature, and humidity readings in laboratories, shipping containers, storage facilities, and other areas where atmospheric changes can affect products or production with these data loggers.

Thermocouple Data Loggers for Temperature

Connect a thermocouple probe to these data logger devices to measure and store temperature readings in applications with wide temperature ranges, such as kilns or engines.

Precision Data Loggers for Temperature & Humidity

Monitor small changes in temperature and humidity levels in sensitive applications, such as pharmaceutical and food storage, with these high accuracy data loggers.

For Temperature, Relative Humidity, & Dew Point

Record dew point calculations, relative humidity levels, and temperatures to ensure proper climate conditions in your facility when moisture can be a factor, such as in clean rooms and storage areas.