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Temperature & Process Calibrator Accessories

Temperature & Process Calibrator Accessories

Add these accessories to your temperature or process calibrator instrument to improve functionality.


Replace the lithium-ion battery in your process calibrator, or keep a spare battery on hand to use while recharging.

Battery Chargers

Recharge the batteries for your calibrators with these compatible battery chargers. They include plug adapters for international use.

Test Lead Kits

Add a variety of test leads, alligator clips, or hook clips to your process calibrator instrument.

Communication Cables

Enable your process calibrator instrument to communicate with a transmitter using the same protocol, such as HART, with these communication cables.

Calibration Bath Fluids

Provide a stable and consistent heat source to calibrate temperature sensors using these silicone oil fluids in a calibration bath.

Calibration Bath Magnetic Stir Bars

Use a magnetic stir bar to uniformly stir fluids for better temperature accuracy. Stir bars are placed at the base of a calibration bath with magnets underneath to create movement.

Carrying Cases

Easily bring your temperature and process calibrators with you to the job site with these carrying cases. They also provide your calibrator some added protection from dings and scratches.