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Measure temperatures in various applications from monitoring kilns, electrical wiring, or refrigeration to remotely detecting thermal heat on equipment. Choose from industrial thermometers as well as a wide variety of glass, dial, digital, pocket, or cooking thermometers to meet your temperature monitoring requirements.

Dial Thermometers

Analog dial thermometers have a needle that moves on a scale to indicate temperature. They do not require a power source to operate.

Back Strap Mounting

Bracket Mounting

Clip Mounting

Magnetic Mounting

Mounting Holes Mounting

Plain Bushing Mounting

Screw Connection Mounting

Spring Mounting

Surface Mount Mounting

Surface with Back Outlet Mounting

Surface with Bottom Outlet Mounting

Threaded Bottom Mounting

Threaded Mounting

U-Clamp with Back Outlet Mounting

Wall Mounting

Digital Thermometers

These digital thermometers display temperature readings on an easy-to-read LCD screen. They require a power source such as a battery to operate.

Pocket Thermometers

These compact thermometers can fit into a pocket or bag.

Glass Thermometers

The liquid in these glass thermometers rises along the temperature scale to indicate temperature. While not as easy to read and less accurate than digital thermometers, glass thermometers do not require a power source to operate. They are commonly used in applications such as measuring temperatures in cooling systems, water baths, chemicals, or brewing solutions.

Adjustable Angle Thermometers

Armored Glass Thermometer

Enclosed Chamber Verification Bottle Thermometers

Enviro-Safe Liquid in Glass Thermometer

Fixed Connection Thermometer

Glass Stick Pocket Thermometer

Infrared Thermometers

Measure temperature from a distance with these infrared thermometers, sometimes known as laser thermometers. They measure the thermal radiation of a surface or object to determine its temperature and are a good choice when working on hard-to-reach or potentially dangerous equipment such as power lines or motors.

Cooking & Refrigeration Thermometers

Track cooking temperatures with insertable thermometers, and check for proper temperature levels in refrigerators and freezers to keep food from spoiling.

Digital Food Service Thermometer

Dishwasher Metal Thermometer

Liquid Filled Food Service Thermometer

Mechanical Food Service Thermometer

Oven Thermometer

Pocket Fold-Up Food Thermometer

Refrigerator/Freezer Thermometer

Wall & Desk Thermometers

Choose from a variety of wall thermometers that can be mounted to a wall or set on a desk or table.

Wireless Thermometers

Monitor ambient temperatures in remote areas with these wireless thermometers, which receive information from a sensor placed in a different location. They are ideal for tracking outdoor and indoor temperatures.

Thermocouple Thermometers

A simple but robust temperature sensor that uses two dissimilar types of metal wire to measure temperature, thermocouple thermometers are often used in scientific and industrial applications with a wide temperature range, such as measuring the temperature of kilns or engines.

RTD Process Thermometers

Detect improper electrical wiring with RTD process thermometers. Known for their accuracy and consistency, these thermometers use a resistance temperature detector (RTD) probe to measure temperature changes in industrial applications, such as when measuring temperature variations in HVAC ductwork to identify faulty insulation.