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Thickness & Feeler Gauges

Thickness & Feeler Gauges

Get accurate thickness measurements of paint coats, paper, film, and wire as well as measurements for gap width and clearance distance with these tools.

Thickness Gauges

Measure the thickness of thin materials like gaskets, shim stock, plastic, paper, or rubber. Place the material being measured between the gauge's contact points, or anvils, to determine thickness.

Dial Thickness Gauge

Digital Thickness Gauge

Coating Thickness Gauges

Often used in quality control to determine a coating's life expectancy and performance, these gauges provide precise measurements of paint and other coatings.



Feeler Gauges

Sometimes called feeler blades, these gauges measure small spaces between two parts such as bearing clearances and piston ring gaps. Choose a blade, which is labeled with its thickness, to insert into the gap. A correctly sized feeler blade will slip into the gap and feel snug but not tight.

Feeler Gauge Sets

Sets have gauges in a range of sizes to cover a variety of measuring needs.

Feeler Gauge Holders

These tools hold a feeler gauge blade securely and enable the entire blade to be used. Simply snip off the worn part of a blade and pull more out of the holder.