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Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Measure the speed of liquid as it flows through a pipe with these flowmeters that use ultrasonic waves from the outside of the pipe to detect flowing particles inside the pipe.

Doppler Flowmeters

Hold or clamp the flowmeter's transducers to the outside of a pipe to send ultrasonic waves through the fluid, and use the reflection of the waves to measure the flow of fluid inside the pipe.


Attach these transducers to a pipe to measure and transmit water flow data to a flowmeter.

Calibrator Modules

Use these output modules to calibrate your flowmeter. They send an analog signal to data logging devices that is proportional to the flow rate measured by the meter.


Spread couplants between the sensor of an ultrasonic flowmeter and a pipe to improve the transmission of sound waves. Couplants also assist in coupling sensors to pipes that have rough and pitted surfaces.