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Utility Locators

Utility Locators

Detect and map buried utilities such as power, phone, water, gas, and sewer lines to protect workers and avoid damaging infrastructure before starting excavation projects.

Utility Locator Systems

Get a complete system with instruments to locate and map underground utility lines.

Cable Locator System

Cable and Pipe Locator System

Magnetic Locators

Detect ferrous metal underground lines, such as iron pipes, valve covers, and water and gas lines, with these portable single rod instruments. They operate without the need for an external transmitter.

Standard Magnetic Locators

Magnetic Locators with Power Line Indicator

Utility Locator Receivers

Locate utility lines running beneath the ground using these locators, which receive an electromagnetic signal that is sent through the pipe and cable lines by a transmitter.

Pipe Locator Receiver — Preset Frequencies

Utility Locator Receiver — User-Defined Frequencies

Utility Locator Transmitters

Transmit a detectable signal onto buried utility pipes and cables, allowing a signal receiver to locate and trace the path of the utility lines.

Pipe Locator Transmitter

Utility Locator Transmitter


Protect your underground cable and utility line locators with a carrying case, or add functionality to your locator with items such as inductive signal clamps or property connection sets.

Carry Bag

Inductive Signal Clamp

Property Connection Set