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Weather Stations

Weather Stations

Use weather stations to gather climatic data such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure in order to track and forecast weather conditions. Commonly used in the agriculture, marine, and aviation industries, choose from indoor and outdoor weather stations and compatible accessories such as converters, receivers, transmitters, and sensors to suit your application.

Weather Stations

Select from a variety of weather stations to monitor your outdoor environments and check climatic conditions around your facility. They use multiple sensors to track conditions such as temperature, humidity, wind direction, windchill, rainfall, and dew point, and the data is shown on a display installed in your facility. Some models connect to a computer to store and analyze collected data.

Cabled Weather Station

Weather Station With Anemometer

Wireless Weather Station

Weather Station Converters

Choose the power converter that is compatible with your weather station.

Weather Station Receivers & Transmitters

Send and receive data from weather station sensors to your weather station with these receivers and transmitters.


Weather Station Mounting

Select from various weather station mounting products to secure a compatible weather station to a roof or building surface for optimal data collection.

Weather Station Software

Use weather station software to analyze findings and generate reports from weather station data that has been transmitted to your computer.

Weather Station Sensors

Enhance the functionality of your weather station or replace broken sensors with these weather station sensors.