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Farm Duty Motors

Farm Duty Motors

Use these motors in agricultural applications such as in pumps, aeration fans, conveyors, milking equipment, and air compressors.

General Purpose Motors

These durable general purpose motors can be used for a wide variety of agricultural applications. They provide good protection against moisture, dirt, and dust.

Poultry Fan Motors

Replace motors in agricultural fan applications, such as in exhaust and vent fans in poultry and livestock houses, using these poultry fan motors.

Auger Drive Motors

Also known as grain augers, these auger drive motors are commonly used in poultry feed auger drive systems.

Aeration Fan Motors

Power aeration fans used in farm grain storage, exhaust fans, and air handling systems with these motors.

Setter Motors

Hatcher/setter motors offer protection from dirt and moisture, making them a good choice in poultry houses for hatchers, setters, and incubator fans.

Center Pivot Irrigation Motors

Designed for use in center pivot irrigation systems, these motors offer good corrosion resistance for use in high moisture and chemical environments.

Milk Pumps

Used in the dairy industry for milk transfer, these milk pump motors have good starting power, and quickly reach full running power.