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Instant Reverse Motors

Instant Reverse Motors

Replace worn-out or damaged motors in equipment such as parking gates, mechanical doors, and hoists with these instant reverse motors. They switch direction instantly without coming to a stop, making them ideal for powering equipment that reverses direction frequently.

Permanent Split Capacitor

Use these permanent split capacitor motors to power equipment that requires a low starting force, such as garage door openers.

Open Dripproof (ODP) Enclosure with Cradle Base Mounting

Totally Enclosed Nonventilated (TENV) Enclosure with Rigid Base Mounting


These capacitor start motors have a higher starting force than permanent split capacitor motors and can bring a load up to running speed in less than three seconds.

Open Dripproof (ODP) Enclosure with Rigid Base Mounting

Totally Enclosed Fan-Cooled (TEFC) Enclosure with Rigid Base Mounting