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Pump Motors

Pump Motors

Find the pump motors you need to move liquids and gases through your system.

Water Circulator Motors

These motors can be used with pumps in water circulation applications such as in hydronic heating, water recirculation, air conditioners, and unit heaters. They circulate hot water to make sure it is available when needed in your system.

115V AC, Single Phase

NEMA Frame Size: 48

NEMA Frame Size: 48Y

NEMA Frame Size: 48YZ

NEMA Frame Size: 48Z

NEMA Frame Size: 56YZ

208V AC, Three Phase

NEMA Frame Size: 56CZ

230V AC, Single Phase

NEMA Frame Size: 56YZ

230V AC, Three Phase

NEMA Frame Size: 56CZ

460V AC, Three Phase

NEMA Frame Size: 56CZ

Car Wash Motors

Totally enclosed for protection against wet and humid environments, these motors can also handle frequent starts and stops that are common in car washes. They can be used with fans and blowers, pumps, conveyor systems, and other similar applications.

Carbonator Pump Motors

Use these carbonator pump motors to power liquid transfer and vending machine pumps, such as carbonated beverage dispensers.

48 NEMA Frame Size

48Y NEMA Frame Size

Close-Coupled Pump Motors

Close-coupled pump motors have a one-piece construction, reducing maintenance on parts and allowing pumps to move fluids more accurately. They are commonly used in centrifugal pump applications such as irrigation or sprinkler systems.

143JM NEMA Frame Size

145JM NEMA Frame Size

182JM NEMA Frame Size

182JP NEMA Frame Size

184JM NEMA Frame Size

184JP NEMA Frame Size

213JM NEMA Frame Size

215JM NEMA Frame Size

254JM NEMA Frame Size

254JP NEMA Frame Size

Deep Well Submersible Pump Motors

Draw water up from underground sources using these deep well submersible pump motors. Pumps are resistant to corrosion, are pressurized, and have a sealed enclosure.

1 1/2 hp Output Power

1 hp Output Power

1/2 hp Output Power

1/3 hp Output Power

15 hp Output Power

2 hp Output Power

3 hp Output Power

3/4 hp Output Power

5 hp Output Power

7 1/2 hp Output Power

Jet Pump Motors

Commonly used in water treatment, circulating pumps, and processing applications, jet pump motors sit above ground and push or pull water through pipes. They work with shallow, deep, and convertible jet pumps that pump water from a well.

56C NEMA Frame Size

56HJ NEMA Frame Size

56J NEMA Frame Size

Pool & Spa Pump Motors

Designed for pools and spa systems, these pump motors circulate water and help keep water clean by powering filtration systems.

48Y NEMA Frame Size

48Z NEMA Frame Size

56CZ NEMA Frame Size

56J NEMA Frame Size

56Y NEMA Frame Size

Square Flange Pool Pump Motors

Repair and maintain pool and spa pumps by using these square flange pool pump motors. They are typically used as replacements for existing pool and spa filtration systems and are compatible with most pool and spa pump manufacturers.

48Y NEMA Frame Size

56Y NEMA Frame Size

Pressure Washer Motors

For use in pressure washers and steam cleaners, these pressure washer motors are resistant to corrosion and can be used in hot and cold high-pressure washer applications.

56 NEMA Frame Size

56C NEMA Frame Size

56CZ NEMA Frame Size

56H NEMA Frame Size

56HC NEMA Frame Size

56HCZ NEMA Frame Size