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Severe Duty Motors

Severe Duty Motors

Featuring rugged construction, severe duty motors provide more protection from dirt, dust, moisture, heat, and cold than general purpose AC motors. They are a good choice for replacing damaged or worn-out motors with the same specifications on equipment used in paper mills, refineries, foundries, food processing plants, chemical and petrochemical facilities, and other harsh environments.

General Purpose Severe Duty Motors

These severe duty motors are constructed to provide resistance to corrosion and to help protect against moisture and vibration. They are typically used in industrial equipment, such as fans, blowers, conveyors, machine tools, and pumps.

TENV Enclosure

TEFC Enclosure

IEEE 841 Motors

Designed for use in chemical processing and petrochemical applications, these severe duty motors comply with the IEEE 841 standard for motors used in humid, corrosive, or salty environments.

TEFC Enclosure