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Small Engine Starter Motors

Small Engine Starter Motors

Replace worn out starter motors on equipment powered by small engines. Typically used on outdoor equipment, starter motors are used to turn over the engine by engaging a flywheel, driveshaft, or other type of gear. To select a compatible motor, match the motor to the specific engine model by using the motor nameplate.

Briggs & Stratton Single Cylinder Engines

Honda Single Cylinder Engines

Honda Twin Cylinder Engines

Kohler Single Cylinder Engines

Kohler Single and Twin Cylinder Engines

Mfr. No. 191707

Mfr. No. 19G400 to 19G499

Mfr. No. 252707

Mfr. No. 254422

Mfr. No. 254427

Mfr. No. 254700 to 254799

Mfr. No. 280700 to 289799

Mfr. No. 28A707

Mfr. No. 28B702

Mfr. No. 28B707