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Draw attention to important information in documents, papers, or books with these colorful highlighters. They're also a great way to color-code information.


These basic highlighters are ideal for everyday use.

Long-Life Gel Ink

Because they're filled with gel ink, these highlighters won't dry out even if they're left uncapped for a day or two. The gel ink also won't bleed through paper, keeping your highlighted documents neat and clean.

Vibrant Liquid Ink

Make sure your highlights stand out on the page with these liquid-ink highlighters, which make bolder, more vibrant marks than other types of highlighters.

3-in-1 Tip

Underline and highlight with these 3-in-1 highlighters, which feature a unique tip that can draw lines in three different thicknesses.

Clear Tip

The see-through tip on these highlighters lets you see exactly where you're marking for neat, precise highlights every time.