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Magnetic Display Board Accessories

Magnetic Display Board Accessories

Highlight important information, post items, or keep useful tools at hand with a range of accessories for magnetic display boards.

General Purpose Magnets

Find magnets in a range of shapes for displaying important papers on your magnetic board or drawing attention to particular areas of your board.

Card Holders

Slip data cards into these holders and place them anywhere on your board. Update your planner or schedule quickly by moving the holders around.


Hang important documents or other small items on your magnetic board using these clips. They have a strong grip that helps keep papers from sliding on the board.

Numbers & Letters

Arrange these letters and numbers on your board to create custom messages. They can be rearranged when the display changes.

Write-On Strips

Write on these strips with a wet-erase or water-soluble marker and then position and move the strip as needed. When you're finished, wipe off with a damp cloth to erase it.