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Mailing & Shipping Labels

Mailing & Shipping Labels

Also known as address labels, print shipping information on these labels to quickly address large quantities of letters and packages.


Reuse packaging or fix incorrect labels with these opaque labels, which completely cover over anything underneath the label.

Quick Peel

Ideal for large labeling jobs, bend the label sheet to expose the edge of a label so you can quickly peel it off the sheet and apply it.


Fix labeling mistakes quickly and easily with repositionable labels. You can remove and reapply these labels soon after you first apply them without damaging the label or the envelope. Once it's set, the adhesive is permanent and the label will not peel or fall off.


Lessen your facility's environmental impact with these labels, which are made from recycled materials using a chlorine-free manufacturing process and can be recycled in standard recycling facilities.