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Multipurpose Labels

Multipurpose Labels

Create custom labels to suit any application.

General Purpose

Stick these labels on everything in your workspace for increased organization and productivity. Use them to call attention to files and documents or to write names, descriptions, or notes on items.

Printer Labels

34 in Dia

Write-On Labels

14 in Dia

12 in Dia

34 in Dia

1 in Dia

58 in Ht x 1 14 in Wd

12 in Ht x 34 in Wd

1 in Ht x 1 12 in Wd

1 in Ht x 3 in Wd

2 in Ht x 3 in Wd


These labels include an easily applied laminate film that resists water and can withstand dirty conditions and rough handling in warehouses, shipping facilities, and other harsh environments.

Printer Labels

23 in Ht x 3 38 in Wd

34 in Ht x 3 14 in Wd

Write-On Labels

23 in Ht x 3 38 in Wd

2 34 in Ht x 3 34 in Wd


Reuse packaging or relabel objects with these opaque labels, which completely cover over anything underneath the label.

Printer Labels

58 in Ht x 3 in Wd

1 14 in Ht x 1 34 in Wd

2 in Ht x 2 58 in Wd

5 in Ht x 8 18 in Wd