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Always carry a notebook with you so you can take notes or write down ideas and plans as they come to you and keep the information organized and in one place for future reference.



Fill these basic notebooks with everyday notes, ideas, and writing.

College Ruled

Wide Ruled

Lab & Science

Lab & Science

The pages of these notebooks are printed with a grid pattern (also known as a quadrille or graph rule) or narrow ruled lines so you can neatly record calculations, diagrams, drawings, and other detailed notes. They have sturdy paper and covers that can withstand daily use in a science facility or lab.

Narrow Ruled

Quadrille Ruled

Quadrille/College Ruled



No matter what the weather's like, your notes will stay legible in these notebooks. Ideal for wet or dirty environments such as construction sites and manufacturing plants, the coated paper resists degrading when exposed to water, mud, oil, and grease. They're suitable for use with most pens, pencils, markers, and wax crayons but not with writing implements that use water-based inks, such as highlighters, fountain pens, and gel pens.


Narrow Ruled Columns

Narrow Ruled Columns/Quadrille