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Paper Shredders

Paper Shredders

Turn papers to shreds so they can be disposed of without exposing sensitive or confidential data. Paper shredders eliminate manual cutting and tearing and help reduce the physical volume of paper trash for disposal and recycling. They are available in a variety of security levels to meet your information security requirements.

Basic Security (Level 2)

Typically used for shredding junk mail, drafts, and documents with expired data, Level 2 shredders cut documents into strips.

Medium Security (Levels 3 to 4)

By cross-cutting documents along their length and width, Level 3 and 4 shredders help keep personal identification data secure by making it difficult to piece shredded documents back together.

High Security (Levels 5 to 6)

Reduce documents to micro-size bits with Level 5 and 6 shredders. They are commonly used for shredding sensitive documents containing medical and financial data.