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Paper Trimmers

Paper Trimmers

Use paper trimmers to make straight, clean cuts when trimming documents. They provide neater, more consistent results than scissors and can trim one or more pages at a time.

Trim & Score

These lightweight trimmers have two blades, one that scores paper for easier folding and another that cuts paper. They are small enough to keep in a desk drawer or carry with you for small tasks like trimming photos, labels, and business cards.


These rotary trimmers have a round blade that rolls across the material to cut through it cleanly. The blade is concealed in a cartridge to help prevent accidental cuts, and the cartridge slides along a stationary bar that spans the trimmer's base, providing stability and precision when cutting.


Quickly trim small stacks of paper or thicker materials such as poster board with these guillotine trimmers. The blade is mounted on a hinged arm that is raised and lowered to slice through the material, and the trimmer can cut in one pass as long as the material is shorter than the blade length.