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Building & Structural Paints

Building & Structural Paints

Refresh, protect, or add visual interest to interior wall and ceiling surfaces using these paints.

Ceiling Paints

Cover spots and stains on interior ceilings and overhead surfaces with these ceiling paints. Overspray from the paint falls as a dry, sweepable dust, minimizing spatter and making clean up easier than with traditional coatings. These paints can bond effectively to glossy surfaces, and provide some protection against rust.

Mold & Mildew Resistant

Help prevent mold and mildew growth on surfaces in moist environments with these mold and mildew resistant paints.

Acrylic Based

Solvent Based

Water Based

For Masonry, Brick, & Stucco

Made to adhere to textured surfaces such as masonry, brick, and stucco, use these paints for a variety of indoor and outdoor painting applications.

Stain-Blocking Primers

Use these stain-blocking primers before painting to keep graffiti, grease, rust, asphalt, and other surface stains trapped below the primer, preventing them from bleeding through your paint. For indoor and outdoor use, these primers provide some protection against rust, mold, and mildew. Use these primers on interior and exterior walls and ceilings, as well as doors, trim, foundations, and railings.

Lead Paint Blockers

Before painting over lead-based painted surfaces, use these blockers to create a seal and trap in the lead.

Wall Textures

Hide minor surface imperfections, cover uneven surfaces, and create visual interest on interior walls with these texture paints.

Matte Texture

Orange Peel Texture

Popcorn Texture

For Creating Dry Erase Surfaces

Create a functional writing surface on the walls of your office, school, or other meeting areas with these dry erase paints. For use with traditional dry erase markers, these paints allow your surfaces to be written on and erased like a traditional dry erase board.