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Dust Barriers

Dust Barriers

Isolate a workspace so dust, paint, and other contaminants cannot enter the contained area. Dust barriers are temporary systems that can separate a workspace while a coating is being applied.

General Purpose Barrier Panels

Enclose your workspace with these barrier panels to contain paint splatters and keep contaminants, such as dirt and dust, at bay.

Fire Resistant Barrier Panels

Control dust, dirt, and paint splatters within your work area while also adding the security of fire resistance with these reusable barrier panels.

Support Poles

Support barrier panels with these poles to create temporary isolated workspaces.

Doorways & Doorway Zippers

Create an access point in your barrier. Doorways, which install between barrier panels, provide walk-through openings that close once the user has passed. Doorway zippers transform an existing barrier wall into a zippered access point that can be opened and resealed.


Enhance your dust barriers with these accessories.