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Marine & Pool Paints

Marine & Pool Paints

Restore and refresh pools, boats, and other surfaces exposed to wet conditions with these marine and pool paints.

Above The Waterline Marine Paints

Protect fiberglass, wood, and metal surfaces from UV rays and harsh weather conditions that exist above the waterline.

Above The Waterline Marine Primers

Use these primers before painting on bare, aged, or previously painted surfaces to create a smooth base for your above the waterline paints.

Below The Waterline Marine Paints

Prevent underwater growth of algae, barnacles, and other elements on the surface of your boat or ship using these below the waterline marine paints. They release antifouling substances to reduce build up, and can be used in salt or fresh water areas.

Swimming Pool Paints

Refresh the appearance of your swimming pool with these paints.



Chlorinated Rubber

Synthetic Rubber

Marine Wood Varnishes

Also known as spar varnish, use these durable varnishes to protect wooden surfaces against UV rays, saltwater, and mildew. Typically used on boat spars, these varnishes can expand and contract depending on the weather, helping to prevent cracks and leaks.