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Marking Paints & Chalks

Marking Paints & Chalks

Add temporary or permanent markings to outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pavement, grass, or gravel. Choose from paints to mark athletic fields and tennis courts, as well as for construction, excavation, and surveying applications.

General Purpose Inverted Spray Paints

Create clean, sharp lines with these general purpose inverted spray paints. With good adherence to a variety of surfaces, use these paints on concrete, gravel, grass, pavement, and other areas where you need bright markings. They spray upside down, and can also be used with compatible striping machines for larger jobs, such as marking parking lots or warehouse aisles.


Rust-Oleum M1600

Rust-Oleum M1800

Rust-Oleum S1600

High Performance Inverted Spray Paints

For highly visible, thick lines in high traffic areas, use these high performance inverted spray paints. Commonly used on outdoor surfaces such as dirt, grass, concrete, and other types of pavement, these paints are a great choice for construction and excavation sites, athletic fields, and surveying. Use these spray paints upside down, or use with a compatible striping or marking machine for larger jobs.

Rust-Oleum 2300

Rust-Oleum V2300

Traffic & Zone Marking Paints

Mark traffic and zone areas such as parking lots, fire lanes, crosswalks, handicap parking, curbs, roads, and warehouse aisles with these marking paints.

Rust-Oleum 2300

Marking Chalks

Temporarily mark concrete, dirt, grass, brick, and other surfaces with these short-term marking chalks. Commonly used at construction and excavation sites, these markings can be easily cleaned using a wire brush or by power washing, and provide some scuff resistance.

Rust-Oleum MC1800

For Athletic Fields

These paints are safe for use on grass and provide good wear, smudge, and weather resistance, making them an excellent choice for marking athletic fields. They can also be used to mark playgrounds, golf courses, and other outdoor areas.

Rust-Oleum AF1600

For Athletic Courts

Get long-lasting, fade resistant lines on concrete or asphalt tennis courts with these paints. For use indoors and outdoors, these paints can also be used on other athletic courts, such as basketball, volleyball, and other sports played on concrete surfaces. They provide asphalt some UV ray protection which helps reduce surface temperature, resist scuffs, and have lower light reflectance for better ball visibility.

Smooth Finish

Textured Finish

Line Marking

Propellant-Free Marking Paints

Propellant-free marking paints don't require aerosol to spray, making them a safer choice in higher heat work environments than standard marking spray paints. These paints create marks on many different surfaces, such as dirt, grass, asphalt, and sand. They are stored in lightweight, transparent pouches for better paint visibility, so you have less waste. Use these paints with a compatible marking wand or device.



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