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Paint Buckets & Accessories

Paint Buckets & Accessories

Use paint buckets to hold larger quantities of paint for larger jobs, or when measuring paint. Choose from a variety of accessories to help simplify your painting jobs, such as paint grids, bucket liners, and bucket lid openers.

Paint Grids

Remove excess paint and reduce drips from your roller using a paint grid. Add the grid to your paint bucket, then roll your paint roller along the grid to get the right amount of paint on your roller.

Paint Buckets

When painting large surfaces, pour your paint into these buckets, which hold more paint than traditional cans. They also have a wide opening, making them good for use with paint rollers.

Bucket Liners

Clean up your paint bucket quickly after your paint job is complete with disposable bucket liners.

Mixing & Measuring Containers

These mixing and measuring containers have markings along the side to easily determine the amount of liquid in the bucket. Add a paint grid to the container to help remove excess paint when using a roller.


Bucket Lids

Paint Pails

Carry paint from one work area to another, or mix together different paints with these paint pails.

Paint Cups

Use these paint cups for smaller paint jobs such as trim work or hobby projects.

Bucket Lid Openers

Pry the lid off buckets and other containers using these bucket lid openers.