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Paint Roller Frames

Paint Roller Frames

Combine a roller frame and roller cover to meet your paint or stain application needs. From long frames to cover large areas, to miniature frames for smaller, more detailed work, choose the frame that works for your application.

Cage Frames

Slide a paint roller cover on these cage frames to easily adapt to different types of painting jobs. These traditional paint roller frames have a center cage that firmly presses on the interior of a roller when it slides on, holding it securely in place.

Cageless Frames

Choose these cageless frames for smoother rolling action and a more even finish than with traditional cage rollers. Without a cage to grip the paint roller cover, these rollers help prevent raised areas on the cover that can prevent full contact with the surface when painting.

Quick Release

Change roller covers fast and with minimal contact with the cover with these quick release roller frames.

Adjustable Frames

Hold different sizes of paint rollers with these adjustable paint roller frames. Modify them to fit larger paint roller covers for your large-scale projects.

For Curved Surfaces

Paint pipes, railings, columns, or other curved surfaces with these paint roller frames. They conform to rounded surfaces for even paint coverage.

With Shield

Ideal for use when painting ceilings or overhead spaces, these paint roller frames include a shield to help prevent splatter and catch drips during painting.

For Floor Coatings

Uniformly apply self-leveling floor coatings and epoxies with the spiked paint roller cover included with these frames. Also known as porcupine rollers, the spiked design of the roller removes air bubbles created when spreading the coating, and helps to get a smooth finish.